CN: CN21-1154/TH ISSN: ISSN1002-1841.
Format: 210 mm〜285 mm.


The Circulation

The journal has perfect circulation channels.
  1.Issued and subscribed by post offices in cities or countrysides, post code: 8-69.
  2.We issue the journals ourselves to target readers and users.
  3.Free in large exhibition.
  4.Free in academy meetings, technology conference or bidding.

The circulation is more, the coverage is wider, and the reader group is steady.
  1.The main issued field petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, energy sources, water conservancy, machine, electron, light industry, spinning, car, heat supply and heating, food, cure and so on.
  2.The main readers and users are policy personnel, administration personnel and enterprisers, enterprise management and market sellers, engineering technique personnel and product workers, vendors, exclusive agencies, and the readers who use products of instruments and sensors.


Company: Instrument Technique and Sensor-editorial Department
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