CN: CN21-1154/TH ISSN: ISSN1002-1841.
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The Content and the Column

  The aim of Instrument Technique and Sensor is to provide such full and in-time information as the tendency of scientific research, techniques, products, and market to the technique decision makers, and production designers in instrumentation industry, to meet the requirements of acquiring the information in science & technology timely for readers and requesting of appearing papers for the designers in science & research. The journal can realize constantly the exchanging between academy and information, and communicating with manufacturers and users.

  The journal of Instrument Technique and Sensor pays attention to report the fruits of science & technology in research and application, focuses on papers with technical orientation, and papers on discussion or introducing experiences aiming at hot problems while adopting new crafts, new technologies and new equipments. It publishes timely the fruits of each phase in tackle key items of state emphasis science & technology and all kinds of projects funded by province or department. The characteristics of Practicality coexisting with vista, Technology merging with market conditions and profession emphasizing as well as integration can be fully incarnated.

  The column design of the Instrument Technique and Sensor pursues science, guidance, system and utility. The journal contains such columns as sensor technology, instrumentation, computer application, elements & application, research & development . It fully reports up-to-date development and application technology of science & technology in instruments and meters industry at home and aboard.

Sensor Technology
About new technologies of sensors in research and development, including the configuration, principle, design, calculation, process test and application technology etc of various sensors ; introducing the actuality and tendency of sensors, and forecasting the prospect and development tendency.

Focus on the design idea, manufacturing and application technology of various kinds of instrumentation and meters in the field of industrial automation process (detection instrument, loop display instrument, adjustment instrument and actuator, etc.).

System and Application
Focus on the design and application of advanced control system in the field of industrial automation, including the production, scheduling, optimization system of intermittent control, and the application of SIS, DCS, PLC, SCADA system and FGS system.

Research and Development
Reporting the research outcome of new technology, new process, new elements and new equipments for instrumentation industry in home.


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